Infant Program and Preschool Program

Our infant and preschool program, consists of children 6wks to 5 years old. The programs offered include infant care, and preschool age care.The preschool children ranging from ages 2yrs to 5yrs, are provided with a curriculum to prepare the children for entrance into preschool and Kindgergaten curriculum within the school system. We provide children with great educational services including crafts, and holiday activities. Learning is instructed using media sorces and circle time resources.

Before and Afterschool Program

The before and afterschool program provides care for children after the periods of school sessions. Barbara's Childcare currently uses the company bus to pick up and drop off children to Bayview Elementary School. There are also bus-stops to schools within the childcare district in which the staff can meet them at the stop. Parents and or guardians, are also welcome to drop kids off to the center after school until the close of business day.

During the summer, the before and afterschool programs transitions into a summer program. Within this time the children are still expected to read during the day and compose of educational aspects during that time. The children will also engage in field trips that include: Uno's for pizza creations, Haygood skating, Cinema Cafe, Virginia Aquarium, and Virginia Zoo. 

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We provide a great quality of care, in a safe and enriching environment. We treat your children like family, so that you can feel safe leaving your children to complete daily responsibilities.